RE: [xsl] New to XML - probably not yet worthy of your time.

Subject: RE: [xsl] New to XML - probably not yet worthy of your time.
From: "Dominic J. Blythe" <Dominic.Blythe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 12:47:57 +0100
as an ex web-developer now doing a little XML, i can probably help,
and maybe confuse you a little too...

<xsl:template match="info/link">
<td colspan = "2">
	<a href="{.}">relevant site</a>

works in XSLT. The idea being that to get an element value
from your XML into an attribute value in your HTML you
wrap up the path in {}. This is also probably not the *best*
solution. I don't know a great deal myself.

If you're using ie5 to read both the XML and the XSL, chances are it
won't work because ie5 out of the box speaks WD-XSL, a different 
language from XSLT. I don't know how to do this in WD-XSL.

> also... what is the USE of XML? 

from my point of view, it allows us to store information in a format
that is both human and machine readable, and relatively easy to
transform (with XSLT) into any number of other formats. As a web
developer, what i guess you're interested in is keeping one copy of
your data in XML format, and then transforming it to serve up
in HTML, WML, PDF, PS, or whatever, depending on what kind of client
turns up at your site, instead of having to design and write every
page in every format.

> Server Side release of it (i heard someone mention 'cocanut' 
> or something -

probably Cocoon?

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