[xsl] Keeping entity references from input

Subject: [xsl] Keeping entity references from input
From: Linda van den Brink <lvdbrink@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 15:48:23 +0200
Hi all, 

I know that in XSLT it's not possible to copy entity references unresolved
to the result tree, because the entities are resolved by the XML parser
before the XSLT processor sees them. 

But is it possible to get an XML parser to refrain from resolving entities,
and to pass on the entity references as they exist in the source instead
(without great effort)? Hypothetically, would the XSLT processor's default
behaviour be to copy the entity references to the result tree just as it
does with everything else? Or would it do something else? 

Bye the way, I'm asking because I'm thinking about using XSLT for
intermediate processing of our documentation, which is in an XML format and
uses a lot of internal entities for text fragments that must be maintained


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