[xsl] RE: RE: building a nodeset from selected nodes

Subject: [xsl] RE: RE: building a nodeset from selected nodes
From: "Hall, Kurt" <khall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 12:53:23 -0600
Hmmm.  I have the Kay book, and I've written over 3000 lines of
xsl, so those aren't the only requirements :-), but I confess to
not using the key() function before.  My misreading of the original
response and the Kay book was that the second parameter to the
key() function was a single value, not a node-set as is now
obviously possible.


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Subject: Re: RE: building a nodeset from selected nodes

Hall, Kurt wrote:

> Thanks, but doesn't the instruction: 
>	<xsl:for-each select="key('columns-by-name', column)">
> get a node-set of columns where name=column?  I need an instruction
that can get a node-set of columns where name IN (col1, col2, ...).
> Re: using an apply-templates: I don't think I can use it as a way to
> generate my node-list which can then be passed to a call-template.
> The problem I see is that if I separate the node-set generation
> from my transformation of that node set, I've got to use a variable
> to connect the two (which I can't do because I don't have access to 
> the nodeset() extension).

Hi Kurt,

Wendel gave you the key to the exact solution to your problem.

You don't understand it at present and this means that you need to read a
good book
on XSLT -- I'd recommend Mike Kay's "XSLT Programmer's Reference".

Otherwise the only way to show to you that Wendel's solution is correct,
would be to
write the complete code of the stylesheet so that when you apply it to your
source you'll have to agree with the fact that it produces exactly the

But of course, this would not be useful to you at all -- you need to be
some experience -- therefore read more and try to write XSLT code.

Dimitre Novatchev.

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