[xsl] Unicode support

Subject: [xsl] Unicode support
From: Paul Prescod <paulp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 15:28:06 -0700
Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> In message <3B489A9A.E4C0629C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > > Not surprising we get so many encoding heachaches here while this
> > > attitude prevails.
> >
> > To be fair, it is software without *any cost* developed in people's
> > spare time.
> I don't see the relevance. Michael does not want his money back, he wants a
> change in programmers' attitudes, paid or otherwise.

I can see this is one of those clashes of philosophy that probably can't
be resolved through a Usenet discussion. I think that people hacking on
what they like, for fun, should have whatever attitude they like! But I
don't expect you to agree.

In general, I think XML has really done an excellent job in bringing
Unicode into the mainstream of computer science. Java's native Unicode
support also helped to push other languages in the right direction.
Microsoft has even been a positive force in this direction. As one of
the main Unicode-heads at my company, I see the glass as 3/4 full.

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