RE: [xsl] Unicode support

Subject: RE: [xsl] Unicode support
From: "Clapham, Paul" <pclapham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 21:17:44 -0700
And then there's the product which my company pays several thousand dollars
a year for.  (Of course all this is my opinion and not my company's opinion,
as per the usual legal BS.)  It's a well-known AS/400 SQL product, and the
most recent version will produce an XML file from an SQL select statement.
The header of this file says its encoding is utf-8, but it actually isn't.
It's just some extended ASCII encoding, probably CP437, so as soon as the
data included a cent sign (first day in production!), the XML parser
(rightly) rejected it.  When their help line couldn't say anything helpful,
I pointed out that this error was a FAQ on this list and that I was
surprised to see commercial software making such an elementary blunder.
Last I heard, the problem had been sent to the programmers.  I just found
out that if the selection produces zero records, then their software outputs
a zero-length file... which is also not valid XML, is it?


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Paul Prescod writes:

 >  I think that people hacking on
 > what they like, for fun, should have whatever attitude they like! But I
 > don't expect you to agree.

So do I, you'll be glad to know. But I also think Michael can
reasonably whinge their attitude!

I feel sensitive about this, because I have done my small part in
sending out various half-chewed software to the world, and being badly
bitten by people who actually use it, and are upset when it doesn't
work (any Jadetex users out there? :-}). Even for free, it pays to be


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