RE: [xsl] Way to find second instance?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Way to find second instance?
From: "Chris Bayes" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 16:40:44 +0100
This isn't the best way to do this. I would pass a param to the stylesheet
using addParameter
But as you seem to be using the old namespace you can't do that. I can't
remember the old syntax but it is probably
objXSL.SelectSingleNode("//@match[2]").Value = ".[whatever = 3]"
or even
var ms = objXSL.SelectNodes("//@match")
ms[1].Value = ".[whatever = 3]"

Ciao Chris

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>Subject: [xsl] Way to find second instance?
>If I do something similar to the following in ASP:
>objXSL.SelectSingleNode("//@match").Value = ".[whatever = 3]"
>Response.Write (objXML.TransformNode(objXSL))
>then it will find the first instance of the "match" attribute in my XSL
>document, right?  If so, how can I find the second instance without parsing
>the XSL tree nodes.  I know I can do:
>= ".[whatever = 3]"
>Response.Write (objXML.TransformNode(objXSL))
>But my XSL file is pretty big, and I would be scanning a lot of nodes.  Is
>there a way to just do something like:
>objXSL.SelectSingleNode("/@match/@match").Value = ".[whatever = 3]"
>Response.Write (objXML.TransformNode(objXSL))
>To set the second occurrence of "match"?  I hope this is not too confusing
>Thanks in advance,
>Chris Mangano
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