[xsl] Is it possible in XSLT -- Please help us ....

Subject: [xsl] Is it possible in XSLT -- Please help us ....
From: "Ramesh" <lak_ram@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 19:16:14 -0500
Hi all,
Please help us!!!

We have two different nodesets (say for example hazmat and hazmatlang). both can repeat n number of times in the same file. 
What we want to achieve is to compare hazmat nodesets with each of the hazmatlang  nodeset for one of the common element (hazcode) to be of the same value.

1. If it matches then we must get the hazmatlang node values for the matched node alone.

2. If it not matches then we must print the hazmat node values alone. 

3.  We may have more number of hazmatlang node sets than the hazmat nodes. We have to handle that also.

Additional info.. If I may be wrong in explaining the node sets.
Hazmat node sets -
<otherproperties> ...</otherproperties>
Hazmatlang node sets -
 <otherproperties> ...</otherproperties>
 <additional other properties for lang> ...</additional other properties for lang>


Thanks in advance.

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