[xsl] Saving entire xml-Structures in a single variable

Subject: [xsl] Saving entire xml-Structures in a single variable
From: "Roman Huditsch" <r.huditsch@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 13:13:37 +0200
Hi there!

I'm working currently on a project which relies very much on the new
XForms- WD in combination with XSL. There is an element in the
XForms-Syntax called "xform:instance", which holds an entire



Ok, my problem now is that I would like to take this structure between
the <instance>- Tags und store it in a variable within my stylesheet.
But I can't think of a way to give out the contained element-names. 
The content of the variable should at the end look like this: 

birthdate></data> }

I tried it with a simple <xsl:copy-of select="......"> but this command
just gives me the text-content back, which is in that case null.

Could you please help me??


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