RE: [xsl] date and time

Subject: RE: [xsl] date and time
From: "Roger L. Cauvin" <roger@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 22:41:12 -0500
> is there a way to obtain recent system time and system date to
> put it in the result tree?

You could use a time resolver and XVRL (eXtensible Value Resolution

After running an XVRL processor, this excerpt


would be converted to


The nice thing about XVRL is that you can extend it to resolve other kinds
of values. offers two Java-based XVRL parsers, JAVR and
JResolver.  They include built-in resolvers for dynamically inserting the
current time, extracting data from relational databases, and "scraping" data
from web pages.  They both require a JAXP-compliant XML parser (such as


Roger L. Cauvin

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