[xsl] Ampersand

Subject: [xsl] Ampersand
From: "Carmelo Montanez" <carmelo@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 18:32:17 -0400
Hi All:

    I have an ampersand question with a slight twist to it, consider
    the following piece of pseudo-code fow which I am intending
    to get "&" (and some other stuff, but the "&" is the tricky one)
   out of:

... XSL STUFF ...

<xsl:attribute-set name = "foProperties1">
  <xsl:attribute name = "character"><xsl:text
disable-output-escaping="yes">&amp;some Value</xsl:text></xsl:attribute>

    .....  XSL STUFF .....

             <fo:character xsl:use-attribute-sets = "foProperties1">

 ...  MORE XSL STUFF ...

However what I actually get is "&amp;" when running the transformation
instead of "&" as intended, is that because the "xsl:text" is inside the
"<xsl:attribute>" statement?, When I use the same "xsl:text" statement
the "xsl:attribute",  I get the "&" as expected, any one aware of how to
go about getting the "&" inside the "xsl:attribute"?

My final goal is to end up with an FO statement that will look
like this:

    <fo:character character = "&someValue;"/>

I tried using CDATA instead of "xsl:text" but ran into the same
situation.  Any ideas will be great.

Carmelo Montanez

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