Re: [xsl] Ampersand

Subject: Re: [xsl] Ampersand
From: "Carmelo Montanez" <carmelo@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 16:07:54 -0400
> > However what I actually get is "&amp;" when running the transformation
> > instead of "&" as intended, is that because the "xsl:text" is
> > inside the
> > "<xsl:attribute>" statement?, When I use the same "xsl:text" statement
> > outside
> > the "xsl:attribute",  I get the "&" as expected, any one
> >From XSLT 1.0 spec "16.4 Disabling Output Escaping"
> "It is an error for output escaping to be disabled for a text node that is
> used for something other than a text node in the result tree. Thus, it is
> error to disable output escaping for an xsl:value-of or xsl:text element
> that is used to generate the string-value of a comment, processing
> instruction or attribute node"

    Got it.
> > aware of how to
> > go about getting the "&" inside the "xsl:attribute"?
> E.g. Saxon has an extension saxon:disable-output-escaping which may be set
> on the xsl:attribute element. Other than that - try and not use the
entity -
> I take it that someValue is not a character reference, right?
        Actually it is

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