RES: RES: [xsl] Namespace

Subject: RES: RES: [xsl] Namespace
From: "Carlos Durand Silvestrin" <csilvestrin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 18:17:03 -0300
Does it works with Microsoft's XMLDOM??

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> You are using a stylesheet written in XSLT but sending it to
> a processor (IE5) that does not implement XSLT but a completely
> different language (which is unhelpfully documented as being called XSL)
> or perhaps more likely you are doing just what the error message
> suggests, using the wrong namespace.
> XSLT is  xmlns:xsl="";
> If you are using a namespace ending wd-xsl, don't! that is just the
> incompatible language of IE5.
> see for some good advice.
> David
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