RE: RES: [xsl] Namespace

Subject: RE: RES: [xsl] Namespace
From: Bedwell Tom <Tom.Bedwell@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 17:27:49 +0100
 You will need to
use an engine that supports the TR namespace instead of the old MS-only WD
namespace.  The current version of msxml supports both.  

For how much longer? 

 The  July 16 2001 Technology preview  of MSXML4 is trailed as

"Old, non-conformant technologies are removed: Old XSL with XSLPattern; uuid
namespaces for XDR; proprietary XmlParser object; normalize-line-breaks
property in SAX. Corresponding standard technologies (XSLT 1.0, XPath 1.0,
http-based namespaces for XDR, SAX2) have been available since MSXML 3.0."

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