RE: [xsl] Announcement: Xselerator Beta download available

Subject: RE: [xsl] Announcement: Xselerator Beta download available
From: "HIEBERT,STEVE (HP-Corvallis,ex1)" <steve_hiebert@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 11:00:01 -0700
My sincerest apologies to the list.  This message was obviously meant to be


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Subject: RE: [xsl] Announcement: Xselerator Beta download available

Hi.  I'm evaluating Xselerator.  I've scoured the documentation, the web
site and gone through all the help buttons looking first for an answer to my
question and then for a way to e-mail somebody at Marrowsoft to get what
hope will be a very simple answer (I hope it's pilot error).

It doesn't appear that the Xselerator debugger will step into a template in
another file incorporated via xsl:include.  Is that a limitation of the
software or am I making an error somewhere?

I have successfully set a breakpoint at the xsl:apply-templates point and I
can see that the selected nodeset is non-empty.  I know the template in the
included file is being fired because the output is quite complicated and

When I take either the "step" option or hit F8, I go immediately to the line
following the xsl:apply-templates.

Thank you,

P.S., I installed the evaluation copy on my home machine.  My e-mail address
there is hsp4@xxxxxxxxx if you're looking for the registration.  It's also
under my full name, "Steven Hiebert", rather than just "Steve Hiebert".


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Subject: [xsl] Announcement: Xselerator Beta download available

Marrowsoft Limited are pleased to announce the public Beta release of their
product - a fully integrated XSLT IDE.  Xselerator Beta is available as a
trial from...

Some of the rich features of Xselerator are:-
* XSLT debugger:-
    * Full stepping capability;
    * Breakpoints on both XSLT and input XML;
    * Conditional breakpoints;
    * View template call stack;
    * Watch values (including full XPath expression watches);
    * Optional stepping into built-in rules
    * Uses MSXML3 transformations
       (so that debugging session behaviour matches a real, production
transformation engine); 
* Clear and easy to use IDE; 
* XSL/XSLT element and attribute intuitive (like 'intellisense' or 'code
* HTML element and attribute intuitive drop-downs; 
* Automatic tag completion - in XSL/XSLT tag completion follows model and,
fills element with mandatory attributes; 
* Wizards for building tables, selects/listboxes and XSLT grouping/distinct
* XPath query analyser (test XPath queries to see the resulting node sets -
click on resulting list item to view position to node in source/tree view);

* One click transformation test; 
* Use of alternative command line transformation engines (e.g. Instant
XT, etc.)
* Full transformation testing (including XSL parameter passing, start mode
output test path); 
* Full XSL,XSLT,XML and HTML colour syntax highlighting (fully

* All the usual editor capabilities (cut, copy, paste, find, replace) plus
'Copy as RTF' and 'Copy as HTML' features allowing syntax highlighting to be
preserved when copying and pasting to word-processors, presentation slides,
html editors and newsgroups etc.; 
* Source edit, tree and browser view (requires IE5.x) modes; 
* Files opened history (re-open previous files from menu - re-opened XSLT
restore previous parameters/start mode); 
* Project files (holding .xml and .xsl files); 
* Print and print preview (with selectable highlighting options); 
* HTML Tidying (using HTMLTidy/TidyCOM); 

(For more information and sample screen shots please visit the URL above).

Apologies for this intrusion into the XSL-List forum - but we honestly hope
that this new tool may be of some real use to the professional XSLT
and consultants here.

Best Regards
Martin "Marrow" Rowlinson

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