[xsl] Free CapeStudio Product Download Available

Subject: [xsl] Free CapeStudio Product Download Available
From: John Maughan <john.maughan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 10:33:22 +0100

CapeStudio is a web services development environment which incorporates a
graphical XSLT generator. Using the tool complex mappings between XML
documents can be defined intuitively. The tool works by loading source and
target schema definitions into a graphical tree. Simple transformations can
be defined simply by dragging source nodes and dropping onto the target
node. More complex transformations can also be defined including the
definition of predicates for selective filtering of the source document, the
construction of choice constructs and the definition of more complex
arithmetic and string manipulation transformations. Schema formats supported
include XML Schema, DTD and WSDL. The transforms can be tested and output
validated from within the tool.

We believe that this tool makes it simpler and faster to define XSLT
transforms. In addition the tool contains many features useful for web
services developers.

Why not try out our free beta download on www.capeclear.com/capestudio.

John Maughan
CapeStudio Product Manager
Cape Clear Software  

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