[xsl] problem with entites in xsl

Subject: [xsl] problem with entites in xsl
From: ext-Narendra.Dukkipati@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 18:59:20 +0300

	i am using XHTML for my application development.i use the XSLT for
processing the XHTML(i use Apache Xalan as XSLT processor).

the problem i am facing is i have lot of   in my XHTML.so i declared an
entity in my xsl as

<!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [
<!ENTITY nbsp "&#160;"> 

but the processor still complains that  the entity nbsp was referenced,but
not declared.

is there any mistake in what i have done..

please do correct me in that case

if i replace &nbsp; with &#160; in the XHTML without the entity it works
fine...but i dont think its worth changing everytime in that way.

this is very important and urgent can you please come back with some


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