[xsl] Match order

Subject: [xsl] Match order
From: Daniel Florian <DFlorian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 13:58:15 -0400
Hi All,

Here is my question:  If I run the following two XSL match queries ( as in
example below ), am I guaranteed to get the matches for the attribute names
and the values in the same order?  In other words, could I successfully
correlate the resulting arrays afterwords?

Is this dependent on parsers? Or is it part of the spec?

1) /*/ad-keyword-list/ad-keyword/@name

2) /*/ad-keyword-list/ad-keyword
on an XML file with a structure as:

		<ad-keyword name="test1">hey1</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test13">hey13</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test14">hey14</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test15">hey15</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test16">hey16</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test17">hey17</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test18">hey18</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test19">hey19</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test2">hey2</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test3">hey3</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test4">hey4</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test5">hey5</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test6">hey6</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test7">hey7</ad-keyword>
		<ad-keyword name="test8">hey8</ad-keyword>

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