[xsl] servlet returns well-formed XML but document()? doesn't like it

Subject: [xsl] servlet returns well-formed XML but document()? doesn't like it
From: "Robert Koberg" <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 10:13:02 -0700

I am having a problem returning XML to an XSL:

<xsl:template name="content">


I get an error saying that the document must be well-formed.  But if you
access the servlet directly you get a well-formed XML document  (mostly...):
- using IE6 on win2000 displays the XML in it's default XSL tree form
- using IE5.1 on os x gives a NullPointerException in the servlet at doGet
- using Nav4.7 on linux asks if I want to download a text/xml file and
allows me to save the stream to a file
Here is an example of what gets returned:
(If this is not live when you look, email me and I will turn it on )

Why doesn't the xsl template (above) work?

The servlet basically accesses a "slave's" or "site-to-be-edited's"
ServletContext and looks for the value of an attribute that matches the
pageid and returns a stream with setContentType("text/xml").  The value of
the attribute is a String read from the File (which is a well-formed DocBook
XML document) which was loaded in the from the filesytem at webapp startup.I
am most definitely open to suggestions on how to store a particular site's
XML content in java objects (I am trying to avoid a DB to make it as generic
as possible) and how to deliver them to an XSL.


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