RE: [xsl] Text output and whitespace

Subject: RE: [xsl] Text output and whitespace
From: "Michael Kay" <mhkay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 08:54:28 +0100
> When using output="text", what level of control do I have over the
> whitespacing?

You have total control, except possibly for the choice of LF or CRLF for
line endings. The only thing is, that exercising that control can be
difficult. The basic rule is that whitespace is only written to the output
file if you copy it there, either from the stylesheet or from the source
document: usually, the task is to prevent whitespace being copied when you
don't want it. The two useful tools are <xsl:strip-space elements="*"/> and

Mike Kay
Software AG

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