[xsl] Removing duplicates from a branch

Subject: [xsl] Removing duplicates from a branch
From: John Geering <John.Geering@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 11:25:37 +1200
I want to suppress elements that are copies of any earlier in the document
-- but only where they are in the same branch:
Using the following fragment:
			<Case Category="1">
			<Case Category="2">

I want:
A and B  from Case 1 and  A and C (only one C) from case 2

Using something like <xsl:apply-templates
select=".//ci[not(.=preceding::ci)]">  I get:
A and B  from Case 1 and  only one C from case 2 (but I still want the A
from Case 2).
I can't seem to find any way of restricting the scope of "preceding" to a
particular branch.

Does anyone have any ideas?

John Geering

John Geering
?  04 460 4972     ?  PO Box 10254 Wellington

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