RE: [xsl] another whitespace questions (in XML this time)

Subject: RE: [xsl] another whitespace questions (in XML this time)
From: "Gareth Sylvester-Bradley" <gareth.sbradley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 20:59:17 +0100
by a process of elimination then... I should think it almost must be a
problem with selecting and copying white-space only nodes when you process
the <event> but not when you process the <venueInfo> nodes. I suspect a
wayward match="*" somewhere. as usual, allowing the list to eyeball a
cut-down version of the xslt that still causes the problem will help (and
might mean you spot it first :-)


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Subject: [xsl] another whitespace questions (in XML this time)

so, after going through all of the whitespace emails from this weekend, and
going through the QA on the site, I can't seem to find anyone with the same
problem I'm having.
I'm using xsl to create a .txt file so I need to have maximum control over
white space. I put <xsl:output method="text" /> on the top of the xsl file,
and I'm wrapping every single text I have with <xsl:text>text</xsl:text>
elements. however, since my XML file is indented with tabs, those show up on
the some of the elements, and then they don't show up on others. xml file
(the short SHORT version):

  <venuePhoneOffice>office phone3</venuePhoneOffice>
  <venuePhonePublic>public phone3</venuePhonePublic>
  <eventDate value="event1">event3</eventDate>
  <eventDate value="event2">event3</eventDate>

the venueInfo stuff works beautifully, and DOES NOT indent. the event stuf
does. nothing i do in the xsl file seems to matter to the results - they are
both written in essentially the same way..

I'm using xalan java parser.
any suggestions?


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