Re: [xsl] passing variables to a stylesheet

Subject: Re: [xsl] passing variables to a stylesheet
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Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 15:27:55 +0100
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Subject: Re: [xsl] passing variables to a stylesheet

> I want to match all tags that have an attribute called 'surpress' whose
value is
> not 'short'.  So the following seems correct to me:
> <xsl:template match="sub[@surpress != 'short']">
> only problem is that it also surpresses nodes where there is no
> attribute called 'supress'

*[boolean(@suppress) = 'yes' and @surpress !='short']

something like this, u must test for the existance of @suppress, there are
more optimal ways of doing this, also  u may need to add namespace handling
if u have mixed namespaces; which i leave to u.

> How do I get all nodes to print except those with attribute
> 'supress' not equalt to 'short'?
didnt u just say this ?

> I would like to us eXPAth and not xsl:if
> also I would really like to make this a global condition if posisble
> and not set it in each Xpath expression.

use in template or first


<xsl:copy select="*[boolean(@suppress) = 'yes' and @surpress !='short']"/>
or prob better yet

<xsl:variable name="thevar" select="*[boolean(@suppress) = 'yes' and
@surpress !='short']"/>
and use $thevar variable for further processing.

cheers, jim fuller

> Thanx
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