[xsl] English to Asian language localisation.

Subject: [xsl] English to Asian language localisation.
From: Alan Kennedy <xsl-list@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 19:58:39 +0000
Hi All,

I'm generating some HTML from XML, using everybodys favourite language
(well, here anyway), XSLT. I'm currently only generating English, but
will be localisaing soon into a variety of languages.

Doing European languages is easy, I just have to be able to deal with

However, I'm not sure what's involved in localisation to Asian
languages. Aside from the obvious character set issues, there are
rendering issues which I am not sure if I need to address. For example,
I think that Asian languages such as Chinese are written top-down,
right-to-left. Am I right in saying that?

Anyway, what I'm seeking is a good reference that explains the ins and
outs of generating Asian language HTML from Asian language XML, for
Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc. There are general references to Asian
localisation out there, but I'm really looking for something that is
XML/XSLT specific.

TIA for any help offered.


Alan Kennedy.

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