RE: [xsl] DOM and XPath slows down the application

Subject: RE: [xsl] DOM and XPath slows down the application
From: "Sam Kern" <sam.kern@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 17:10:38 -0500
Use SAX.  It won't load the whole XML file into the DOM model.
And SAX is more fun!

Sam Kern

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Subject: [xsl] DOM and XPath slows down the application

I am working on an application using XPath and DOM to
perform certain queries on an XML file.
                          Though it seems to work fine
but as the size of the xml file grows the application
gets slower and slower, till the time that it actuallt
freezes once the file is around 2MB.

Do you ppl think that its a limitation of DOM and I
should have not considered DOM or XPath for such an
application or is there a way around?
 Thanx in advance

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