RE: [xsl] XML-->HTML-->CHM

Subject: RE: [xsl] XML-->HTML-->CHM
From: "LJ" <ldongre@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 10:53:49 -0500
Hi Ganendra,

Download the HTML workshop from Microsoft website and use the 'hcc' , html
compiler to create the chm file. You will have to create a
.hpp file on the fly which should contain the name of the html file
compiled. I am attaching a sample of c++ code which will do some thing

Here I assume I have a XML document described by xmlDoc which then gets
transformed using an xsl into an html file and then compiled to a .chm file.

Hope this helps.


	MSXML2::IXMLDOMDocumentPtr      xslDoc;
	if (xslDoc) {

		char        htmlFileName[_MAX_FNAME+1];
		sprintf(htmlFileName, "%s-%d.htm", "Report", studyID);
		_tofstream   os(htmlFileName);
		if (!os) {
			_tstringstream errlog;
			errlog << _T("CMyFilenameXlator::SaveToXMLFile Unable to save data to
file : <")
				<< TSTR(htmlFileName)
				<< _T("> ");
			throw errlog.str();

		os << W2T(xmlDoc_->transformNode(xslDoc));

// Here is where we are creating a html compiler project file which needs to
be present for hcc to work.
		_tofstream hpos("Report.hhp");
		hpos << _T("[OPTIONS]\nBinary Index=No\nCompatibility=1.1 or later")
			<< _T("\nCompiled file=Report-") << studyID << _T(".chm")
			<< _T("\nDefault topic=") << TSTR(htmlFileName)
			<< _T("\nDisplay compile notes=No\nDisplay compile progress=No")
			<< _T("\nLanguage=0x409 English (United States)")
			<< _T("\n[FILES]\n") << TSTR(htmlFileName)
			<< _T("\n[INFOTYPES]\n");

// invoke the html compiler ...
		_tsystem(_T("hhc Report.hhp"));
	else {
		throw _tstring(_T("Unable to Construct an XSL DOM object"));

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Subject: [xsl] XML-->HTML-->CHM

 I am a VC++ developer.
 Does anyone know of any libraries/tools to convert my DTD+XML+XSLT files to
(saved as)HTML in an automated way? Apache-Xalan lib is too huge to include
to my project...
 Also I would like to know if there is a automated way(tools) to convert
this generated HTML to .CHM (compiled help) file?

All these processes should happen in an automated way at the click of a

Help asap.

Thanx and rgds,
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