[xsl] how to access external entity declarations, if at all?

Subject: [xsl] how to access external entity declarations, if at all?
From: Jakob.Fix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 18:02:05 +0200

I have a big XML document (ca. 15MB) containing many graphics.  The
graphics are defined in the DTD's internal subset using ENTITY
declarations, like this:

<!ENTITY B-10-a1-graph2 SYSTEM "img/partb/kb100102.gif" NDATA GIF>

The graphic is called upon in the document likes this:

  <TFIG>Typical midship section of ship with service notation</TFIG>
  <GRAPH FICH="B-10-a1-graph2" FORMAT="EXTERN"/>

The big document is split into many smaller ones using XSLT.  As, after the
split, I won't have access to the entity declarations any more, I would
like to replace the contents of FICH "B-10-a1-graph2" with the SYSTEM
identifier "img/partb/kb100102.gif", or create a new attribute with the
SYSTEM identifier's content as value.

Is this feasible?  I couldn't find any references regarding external entity
declarations.  Thank you,

Jakob Fix.

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