[xsl] xsd- abstract definition

Subject: [xsl] xsd- abstract definition
From: "Laura Jenkins" <xsl_list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 11:07:50 +0000
forgive me this is a bit off topic.But i am sure the gurus here can help me out of this situation.
I have an xsd file, with one of the elements with an attribute abstract = "true".
and i used XML spy to generate an xml file out of it.
and the generated xml can not be validated w.r.t. it says that the problem is with the abstract value being set to true.
However i changed the value of abstract to false and it is perfectly a valid file ..
I have no clue of the XSD file because it is passed on to me by one of our clients.
Can anyone explain me what "abstract=true" means?

i checked up the specification and found ..the following definition
Element declarations for which {abstract} is true can appear in content models only when substitution is allowed; such declarations may not themselves ever be used to ·validate· element content."
This confused me more..

Can anyone help me in this regard?

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