[xsl] Putting a set input-nodes together under XSL 1.0.

Subject: [xsl] Putting a set input-nodes together under XSL 1.0.
From: "Edward L. Knoll" <ed.knoll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 10:02:34 -0600
I have a situation where I am taking an input set of nodes, and under
conditional circumstances, adding additional nodes to that set at
specific "locations".  After I create this input node superset, I do
additional processing on it.

At this time, I transform the input node-set into a result-tree-fragment
(RTF) with the additional nodes addded.  I then change this RTF back
into an input node-set (using xalan:nodeset).  In the interest of
sharing templates across multiple related stylesheets, I end up going
through this input-to-RTF-to-input transformation a couple of times in
at least one instance.

Are there technics which would allow me to introduce new input-nodes
into an existing set of  input-nodes without going through this
input-to-RTF-to-input transformation?

Ed Knoll

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