[xsl] RE: data structure in xslt

Subject: [xsl] RE: data structure in xslt
From: SoumenS@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 15:32:47 -0700
Hello Zhiyong,

You can take the following strategy:

1. Do for-each or template on <returnType>.
2. output TEXT

#include "<returnType>/text().h" 

for each <returnType>

So as par above steps, you would encounter "Person" as
a <returnType> and thus would output TEXT

#include "Person.h".

BTW, I have wriiten a paper on using XSLT for XML model based code
Model Driven Programming, published in XML journal of SYS-CON media, August
2002, Volume 3, Issue 8. The article proposed an extension of Model View
Controller (MVC) architecture and showed how to implement in software
development projects. The online version could be found at

Hope this helps.
Soumen Sarkar.

Hello All,

I am using xslt for code generation from xml document. I need to maintain a
data structure to remember a list of special nodes I have visited before. Is
there any way in xslt which can address this issue?

For example, I have following xml document:

<method name="getPerson">

<method name="setPerson">
<param type="Person" name="p"/>

When I first get the node of Person type, I know I need to include Person.h
or whatever interface it is. But after that I don't need to do that again.
So I need to remember the type I already include, and I think I need a
datastructure(a hash, list or tree will do).

Thanks for your help. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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