Re: [xsl] pesky & and fop

Subject: Re: [xsl] pesky & and fop
From: "eoin walsh" <paul5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 09:43:38 +0100
David - thanks for you help. Unfortunately the "&#8226;" string is actually 
retrieved from a database. It's escaped into "&#8226;" before insertion into 
a table (from which I do a simply sql select).... looks like I'm going to 
have to get them to change it from the other side of the DB.



> >  String value = "&#8226";
> that makes a string of length 6. In the language you are using it
> appears as  "&#8226"; but as XML it would appear as  "&amp;#8226";
> which is why you get the output you state.
> You want instead to have a string of length 1 which has that character.
> Depending on the programming language you are using you might be 
> able to use direct utf8 or utf16 encoding of the character or the 
> language might have some escape mechanism such as \u8226. The escape 
> mechanism probably isn't &#8226; unless the language (like xslt) is 
> itself an XMl format, which appears not to be the case in your example.
> > Unfortunately the & in the xml node gets further escaped in the 
> > transformation to 
> No, not in the transformation, you would see the same if you just
> linearised your input dom as XML.
> David
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