Re: [xsl] SAX Transformation: Servlet returns blank XSL template

Subject: Re: [xsl] SAX Transformation: Servlet returns blank XSL template
From: "Bruce McDougald" <bmcdougald@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:29:57 -0500
Paul Brown wrote:

> 1) Unless you're explicitly configuring the namespace properties for the
> XMLReader (and are sure that no one else is going to change
> them), using QName to drive logic is a Bad Idea.  For instance, with some
> namespace property settings, you're not even guaranteed to get a QName

Thanks for pointing this out, I will investigate this useage more thoroughly
in my application.

> 2) You do not want the static on the fields in the XMLFilter.
> You should use non-static fields, overload the parse(...) methods,
> and perform any necessary initialization there.  (This is the reason
> that you're getting the strange behavior on the second pass.  Look up the
meaning of the
> static keyword in the Java language specification; section for
static Fields.)

Thank you, to you and Michael Kay for pointing this out to me.  I removed
the static from my
variable declarations, and the servlet now appears to work properly on every

> You should come on over to the SAX users list
> and post your XMLFilter code there for help and some >
> pointers

I will do this in the future with any sax related issues.

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