[xsl] Transforming XML to CSV

Subject: [xsl] Transforming XML to CSV
From: Ryan.Asleson@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 07:30:46 -0500

I wish to transform XML which looks like this:

      <column>Value 1</column>
      <column>Value 2</column>
      <column>Value 3</column>
      <column>Value 4</column>
      <column>Value 5</column>
      <column>Value 6</column>

Into a comma separated values (CSV) format looking like this:

"Value 1","Value 2", "Value 3"
"Value 4","Value 5", "Value 6"

so it can be read in a spreadsheet program.  What XSL will do this?  I'm
having trouble because the result is not a hierarchical result.


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