RE: [xsl] Cannot Access Attribute with colon

Subject: RE: [xsl] Cannot Access Attribute with colon
From: "Yates, Danny (ANTS)" <danny.yates@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:23:26 +0100
Hi Karen,

Have you also defined the same namespace in your XSL? Remember
that the namespace alias (in this case 'xlink') is only a short
name that refers to the namespace URI (
So, you need to make sure that you have declared the same
namespace URI in your stylesheet. For the avoidance of confusion,
I suggest using the same alias for it! Something like:

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"



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Subject: [xsl] Cannot Access Attribute with colon

Hi All, 

I have xml similar to the following:
				<link xlink:show="new"
xlink:href="btCommBronze" targetfile="btccomxx">Bronze Schedule</link>

I need to access the values of the xlink:show and xlink:href attributes,
unfortunately using '@xlink:show' does not work, (ie <xsl:value-of
select="@xlink:show"/>) it doesnt seem to like the colon ' :'   

I dont know if this is of any use but the dtd contains the following for the
link element:

<!ENTITY % linkAttrs 'xmlns:xlink    CDATA       #FIXED
		xlink:type  (simple)    #FIXED "simple" 
		targetfile CDATA #REQUIRED
		xlink:show   (new | replace )  	"replace" 
		xlink:href      CDATA          	#REQUIRED '>

<!ATTLIST link

Any ideas?

Thanks a million


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