Re: [xsl] newbie question: transforming xml to txt with xslt

Subject: Re: [xsl] newbie question: transforming xml to txt with xslt
From: "Vasu Chakkera" <vasucv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 10:58:49 +0100
I will be fine if you can provide us with the complete xml.  You need a
separate file for each channel but the XML you have given doesnt contain any
<channel> element ( or may be there under a different name ?? in which case
we need to know which element/attribute is the channel name ?).
also make sure you send an
 file with atleast 2 channels in it.
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Subject: [xsl] newbie question: transforming xml to txt with xslt

> hi all,
> i want to exctract certain data from a xml-file, which contains
programdetails of several tv channels (see a examle below), and put it into
txt-files (for each tv channel one txt-file). the programm should read from
the xml file the data starting from 6:00 am of the following day till 5:59
am of the day after that.
> i am new to xml, xsl/xslt. my question is now, if my problem can be solved
with xslt only, or if i need another programminglanguage (which one?) for
extracting data according the time? as there are 22 tv channels, i don´t
want to write an xsl-file for each of parameterpassing possible
with xslt?  which tool you would suggest?
> thanks a lot in advance! any kind of help welcome!
> regards, milena schrevel
> xml-file:
> ...
> <EVENTLIST originalnetworkid="1" transportstreamid="1089"
serviceid="0x2EE3" servicename="XYZ">
> <EVENT eventid="0x23BB93">
> <STARTTIME country="deu" date="21.09.2002" time="16:00:00" />
> <DURATION country="deu" time="01:00" />
> <SHORTEVENTDESC language="ger">
> <EVENTGENRE genreid="GENRE_0" />
> </EVENT>
> ...
> example of output.txt : xyz 21.09.2002 16:00:00 News
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