[xsl] multiple <xsl:output/>'s in one stylesheet?

Subject: [xsl] multiple <xsl:output/>'s in one stylesheet?
From: "Jeff Barrett" <JBarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 17:51:07 -0800
I've got one stylesheet that creates multiple output text files (via subclassing Saxon's Emitter).  Some of those files now need to be in a different output format, html.  I noticed that in the XSLT Prog. Ref. that it said the <xsl:output/> element, "may appear any number of times in a stylesheet".  It's also a top-level element.  I'm trying to determine how I should be using the output element given my situation.

1) do multiple outputs actually format the output differently in different parts of the stylesheet, or is only one of them used, e.g. the first or the last

2) if multiple outputs do format different parts of the stylesheet differently, what are the rules of usage?

3) if i can't output multiple formats from the same stylesheet, will using <xsl:output method="html"/> for the text output mess anything up as long as there isn't any html in the text?  (i'm guessing no)

4) since all the output will take place within an <xsl:document method="MyEmitterClass"/> does any of this matter or does the document element somehow negate the output tag


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