Re: [xsl] A demo of XML- XSLT to SVG(scalable vector graphics)

Subject: Re: [xsl] A demo of XML- XSLT to SVG(scalable vector graphics)
From: "William A Slabbekoorn" <cybarber@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:32:44 +0100
Hello Max,

There we meet.

As you might have seen I am using your stylesheet more or less.(great work
you are doing).

I sent you an email on Ocotber 13th(unlucky day) as I had difficulties with
your Chessgml to SVG with stylesheets and svg files getting them to work
with MSxml. I mananged by now as you might see. As an execricise I put the
two xslt files and the two SVG files all together and again with the imput
file in one html page. It works (Using XML data island (For websites not
practicall but nice for email)

I hope to be able to integrate MSAgent with the stylesheet sothat the move's
animation and the agents expression are coordinated. (Todai university is
doing something (MPML/DWML) with a stylesheet generating Javascript which is
controlling the agens and there timing).

As the Adobe  activeX has problems with events and I think SVG type of SMIL
is lacking some features I am just now trying to convert the stylesheet to
VML, sothat I am more flexable in combination with HTML+TIME2 in the IE55/6

You couldnot get it to work you say.
Well it is a bit heavy but. It works on my Dutch version winxp pro sp1 dutch

You need to have installed: Adobe viewer, MSagent  (genie,merlin,peedy/sapi4
usa english/british english),
I guess it works with msxml3.0 as in this version i don't use the activeX
object for msxml4

Any stuff on your XSLT work with Chessgml is welcome.

(Maybe  w'll manage to have us play a game af CHess against Merlin some day)

William A Slabbekoorn

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Subject: Re: [xsl] A demo of XML- XSLT to SVG(scalable vector graphics)

> Hi Cybarber,
> You wrote:
> >
> Cool, more chess on the Web, and more SVG. Unfortunately I am unable
> to make it run properly, even using IE on WinXP. I just see a wizard
> cartoon character appearing in a corner of my desktop and everything
> freezes for a minute. When it comes back I only see the last few moves
> of the game, and it's all very very slow. What platform is it intended
> to run on?
> Max.
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