[xsl] re-printing xml

Subject: [xsl] re-printing xml
From: "Blaise, Isaac J" <iblaise@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 16:32:21 -0500
greetings list.

I am busy creating help files for our product (which will be xml/xsl driven).  I am stumped on one portion of our design.  
sample input:  (select everything that is a descendent of //xs:xmlSample and return it with modifications)
					<Map FileSpec="D:\Program Files\INFO1\iBLOX\Maps\eBURI1Yo.mmc" Parameters="">
							<Input Source="XPathXML" Required="False">//RawResponses</Input>
							<Input Source="XPathXML" Required="False">//DATABASE</Input>
							<Input Source="XPathDATA" Required="False">//URID</Input>
							<Output Target="DOM">
								<DOMInsert DataType="XML" ParentXPath="//iBLOX" ElementName="" />

the output in html will be almost exactly that of the input (unless they are openning nodes, such as ResponseTranslation, Maps, Map, Inputs, or Input; in which case, the name is reprinted and a link is created to an anchor elsewhere on the same page).  

I originally designed the page to do a copy-of inside a textarea, but cannot with the added functionality.  
Is there an algorithm or tip handy for creating help pages that recycle the xpaths and make modifications such as adding hyperlinks?
please click below to view the design page. (this is how it should end up looking, and it is finished except for the Process XML Sample Section)



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