[xsl] Omitting multiple namespaces in html output tag

Subject: [xsl] Omitting multiple namespaces in html output tag
From: Dan Cederholm <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 13:43:03 -0800
Hello - I'm generating xhtml documents with xslt.  My xml source document
has several namespaces (dc:, rdf:, etc.).   I realize I must declare these
in the xsl stylesheet, along with the xhtml default namespace.  The problem
is, all the namespace declarations are put within the <html> tag thereby
breaking validation of the result page.

Is there a way to omit all (or certain) namespaces that are declared in the
stylesheet from the result document?  I need the xhtml one to stay for
proper validation of xhtml.

I've even tried a taking the <html> out, printing it out literally, and then
all the namepsaces are added to the next tag (<head>).

Any thoughts?  I've search the web with no luck on this.  Thanks



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