RE: [xsl] [design question]

Subject: RE: [xsl] [design question]
From: Sergiu Ignat <sergiu@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 17:00:21 +0200
> Notice that I use import/include because I dont know what the 
> difference is.
> Can someone please tell me which is faster.
include includes the file it points to just as C compiler does. The children
of the <xsl:stylesheet> element in the included document replace the
<xsl:include> element in the including document. The fact that template
rules or definitions are included does not affect the way they are
An error occurs if a style sheet directly or indirectly includes itself.
Including a style sheet multiple times can cause errors because of duplicate

Importing a style sheet is the same as including it except that definitions
and template rules in the importing style sheet take precedence over those
in the imported style sheet. So there can be duplicate definitions.

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