[xsl] creating a node-set at run-time

Subject: [xsl] creating a node-set at run-time
From: "Shea, Michael" <Michael_Shea@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 21:45:48 -0600
Hi everyone,

We have this xml as our input document:

    <item ref="item1.xml"/>
    <item ref="item2.xml"/>
    <item ref="item3.xml"/>
    <item ref="item4.xml"/>

We want to go through each of the item elements and using 
the document function, load each item?.xml file and check 
a specific attribute in the root node of that loaded document 
to see if it matches a certain value. If it does match we want 
to add the value of the ref attribute to a node-set.  We want 
to have a variable to which this node-set is assigned, so we 
can do some processing on it at a later time (we want to run 
a diff on it against another node-set amongst other things).

Basically this is like storing items into a variable (eg
var = var + new_item), but as we know, you can't reassign values 
to a variable.  

So can this be done using XSLT?  I was trying to come up with a 
recursive algorithm to do this, but am not sure how.

Thanks in advance.


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