Re: [xsl] PHP included as a PI?

Subject: Re: [xsl] PHP included as a PI?
From: "Devon Y." <vehementpetal@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 06:53:16 -0500

Hi Devon,

Where is the result tree payload heading?
Is your transformed output being sent from a web server?
Or is it being sent to flat-files on your local file system.

If it's being sent to the browser, I'm using an XSLT framework written in PHP. It's a framework in-a-file that uses the MVC pattern (it's the controller). If you like, I can mail it to you (I plan on releasing it as open-source as soon as I am done testing it (building 3 applications which use it)).

It allows you to embed PHP in both your XML source and your XSL template. It will interpret both before performing the transformation. Is this what you want?

Yes, that sounds like exactly what I'm looking for! :) ....before I discovered how easy & useful XSLT was, I used to use PHP. Now that I'm very into XSLT, I've got a bunch of PHP code/files that are useless to me unless I put them on a server and save their output file by file. Of course, I'm too lazy (and don't have that much time either) and would rather generate all the files at once through an XSLT processor and get everything I want done in one shot. I'm probably the first of many people who'll thank you for making this thing and releasing it as open source. Take your time on it, it should be done right :) Thanx for replying too.


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