RE: [xsl] Debugging XSL with XML Spy 5

Subject: RE: [xsl] Debugging XSL with XML Spy 5
From: "bryan" <bry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:11:03 +0100
>I have discovered on the XML Spy website that

>"The xmlspyR 5 internal XSLT engine does not support proprietary
>e.g. MSXML or Apache.

Yeah. From fishing around in the different parts of XML spy it seems to
me that they want to keep it hidden. Nothing nefarious about that,
people often want to hide bits of code they consider sensitive from

They create a HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\XMLSPY.Application.1 in the registry
which I started following thinking it would lead me to the processor but
I think its probably just a security thing from some stuff I came
across, although it is an automation server. 
The problem is of course exacerbated by my not using xml spy so it's
difficult for me to know what clues are the right ones to follow, and I
don't want to get a new evaluation key from them either. 

So far, running xmlspy and the stylevision stuff through reshacker and
depends and xmlspy.tlb in OLE view, etc. etc. found a lot of functions
etc. that from their names etc. seem to be very concerned with
communicating with java. There is also an xmlspyinterface.jar in the
stylevision folder. 

There seem to be two methods defined inside of the xmlspy type library
for working with xsl, AssignXSL and TransformXSL, AssignXSL takes a
VARIANT_BOOL bDialog parameter so I suppose this is what you use to set
your processor, but as this is inside the xmlspy typelibrary I doubt its
usefulness in the debugger. 

Anyone use these methods out there?

Finally there's a gra_xsl.txt in the same folder as the stylevision.exe,
an ebnf definition of xslt. I suppose that xmlspyinterface.jar has
something to do with interpreting the different ebnf documents they have
in that folder...
Probably not likely to get anywhere further than this unless someone
who's actually running xmlspy and stylevision has done some peaking in
the guts. 

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