[xsl] HUGE xml input files

Subject: [xsl] HUGE xml input files
From: Jan Mendling <mendling@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 18:35:10 +0100
Hello to all!
I have problems with xsl and huge xml-input files. Hopefully some of you had solved similar problems before ;-)
I am using Xalan for xsl-transformations. My input file has the size of 160 MB. This causes trouble as I receive java.outofmemory errors. I already tried (without success) the enlargement of the java vm cache up to 5 GB. 
Does anyone know what I can do to run that xsl-transformation with xalan, or does anyone know another xsl-processor that is better capable to deal with such huge input files?
Thank you in advance, 
Jan Mendling


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