RE: [xsl] Say thanks to XSL-List with a tip?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Say thanks to XSL-List with a tip?
From: "Michael Semcheski" <mhs-list@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 16:19:46 -0500
Speaking for myself, I would be concerned that XSL-List would become more of
a place to say "Hey, anybody want to do my homework?  Obviously, the people
who answer the most questions should weigh in, but that won't stop me from
voicing my opinion.  

Rather than letting Paypal take a cut, why not:
A) Ask the person off of the list how you might tip them.
B) Donate to Dave Pawson if the XSL FAQ is worth it to you.
C) Without sounding like Tony Robbins (a "Personal Power" guru), I believe
that if you go a little out of your way to help someone, it will come back
to help you just as much.  Hey, I might be an engineer, but that doesn't
mean I can't believe in Kharma.

That said, I must say that I have been helped quite a few times by people on
the list, and they get my thanks and appreciation.

So be it, Jedi. 

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Subject: [xsl] Say thanks to XSL-List with a tip?

Hi all.  I don't know if this idea has been kicked around before but, since 
I've received so much help from the XSL-List, I was wondering if there was a

way to express gratitude with something else other than a simple thanks -- 
as much as I'm sure a word of thanks is always welcome.

What I thought of was, if a person helped me with a specific problem or gave

me some useful information, I would be happy to toss a tip in a PayPal tip 
cup.  I don't have to give a tip, as much as someone on the list doesn't 
have to answer my query.  But, if I post a query, and someone posts a useful

response, I personally wouldn't think twice about throwing a small tip their

way.  Tips would be small, I'm sure, but I'm also sure they'd add up for 
helpful and active respondents.

Perhaps a second additional way to say thanks is to offer tips to Dave 
Pawson for maintaining the XSL FAQ.  In that scenario, maybe Dave could use 
the money to defer the cost of hosting the FAQ and, if there's anything left

at the end of the year, donate the balance to charity.

Either way, if an individual helps me out, and I know they have a tip cup, 
I'd toss some money in there.  Same for finding the FAQ useful.  I bet 
others would be willing to do the same -- and hopefully enough to make it 

I thought I'd make the suggestion at least.  Anyone else have some thoughts 
on it?


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