RE: [xsl] Is there any way to make this faster

Subject: RE: [xsl] Is there any way to make this faster
From: "Marty McKeever" <marty.mckeever@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 09:54:50 -0500
> What i want to know for knowledge sake is what happens when these set of
> operations are invoked. What my goal is to figure out, that is there any
> way to make this code perform better. For example would it hurt or help
> if during init() I get all the xsl into memory and then invoke them my a
> hashtable reference during the transform.

I've done exactly that with great success.  On application start, all
available xsl templates (as listed in XML resource file) are created as
Transformer objects and stored in a hashmap with the filename as the key.
Then, whenever a transformer is needed on request, simply grab it from the
hashmap and use it.  If it's not already there, you can try to create it -
then store it in the hashmap for later requests.
A Transformer cache, if you will...

Performance suddenly became a non-issue when we did this.... but then, we
were doing 5 to 20 tramforms per request, so it was terribly slow to begin

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