Re: [xsl] Debugging XSL with XML Spy 5

Subject: Re: [xsl] Debugging XSL with XML Spy 5
From: Jim Melton <jim.melton@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 09:37:36 -0700
I don't work for or with Altova (as you will discern from my signature block below). I am a mere user (and not a terribly sophisticated one, either) of XML Spy. However, I feel it worth coming to their defense in this small way.

When I discovered a bug in the internal debugging XSLT engine in XML Spy, I reported it to them as soon as I was able to characterize it. Within 4 calendar days (including a weekend), I had a response thanking me for my report, informing me that they had already fixed the bug and that their upcoming "point release" would include the fix. Within a week or so, that point release was available and the bug was, indeed, fixed. I would say that is pretty responsive, especially for a commercial product.

If you're having problems with the XML Spy debugging XSLT engine, I strongly urge you to characterize the problems very carefully and repeatably, then report it to Altova. They may well be as responsive to you as they were to me.

Hope this helps,

At 10:20 2003-02-12 +0100 Wednesday, Braumüller, Hans wrote:


Using a debugger with its proprietary and also "hidden" XSLT processor
is definitely not a good idea

I have had also problem with the xsl-debugger from xml spy 5. I wanted to know, if their inbuild-engine is 100% compliant with XSLT, to find out if my code or the the debugger fails, because of get the same code running with msxml 3 and 4 and xalan 2.4.1. I search the entire Altova website, the Help and handbook from Xml Spy 5. Nothing.

I hope they will release that important information, if they want stay serious with us.


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