[xsl] MathML to XSL:FO conversion?

Subject: [xsl] MathML to XSL:FO conversion?
From: Felix Breuer <felix@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 13 Feb 2003 14:24:30 +0100
Hello everybody!

Is it theoretically possible to convert a MathML document into a XSL:FO
document (that does not contain MathML)? Suppose you have a XSL:FO XML
file that contains MathML, would it be possible to write a XSLT
stylesheet that converts the MathML passages into pure XSL:FO? Or is
XSL:FO not powerful enought to express the glyph arrangements in complex

Difficult cases that come to my mind are:

* (horizontally) stretched decorations, e.g. a circumflex spanning (a+b)

* (third, fourth,...) roots

* chain fractions with appropriately sized symbols


Thank you for your oppinion,
Felix Breuer

Felix Breuer <felix@xxxxxxxxxx>

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