[xsl] MSIE - XSL transform -> .innerHTML; images not caching

Subject: [xsl] MSIE - XSL transform -> .innerHTML; images not caching
From: "Shenan Hawkins" <shenan@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 11:57:50 -0500
I'm having a problem with MSIE not caching images that are produced in
the following way:

1) Load .xml
2) Load .xsl
3) Transform .xml via .xsl into some html
4) Display this transform in IE by using the .innerHTML property of an

The big problem I seem to be running into is that if there are any
images (for instance:

<img alt="" src="doodle.gif" />
<img alt="" src="doodle.gif" />
<img alt="" src="doodle.gif" />

MSIE is sending a request to our IIS server for EACH of those images
above (3x requests)

Shouldn't it only send the one request, and use the cached image


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