RE: [xsl] converting xsl-wd to xsl1, msxml script changes

Subject: RE: [xsl] converting xsl-wd to xsl1, msxml script changes
From: "woody" <woody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 17:37:14 -0000
> From: "bryan" <bry@xxxxxxxxxx>
> See one thing is it's rather unclear what you want the whole thing to
> do, you say you want to start a javascript process up but the reason?

The reason is that the javascript (not in this case but in others) passes
node sets to the application. I am sure its not needed like that in the long
run but in the short term there is a demo in a few weeks, I am new and in no
position to start throwing my weight around.

> It is at any rate not considered a good thing to have scripted
> extensions inside of ones xslt as it interferes with cross-processor
> portability and also could make life difficult for future maintainers of
> your application. Consider if for example someone like myself had to
> work with this application at some point, I would probably want to
> rewrite the whole thing from the bottom up to remove the necessity of
> dealing with jscript inside of my xslt. Or if the company hires somebody
> who has learned xslt working mainly with xalan or saxon or the like, if
> all processing is actually done inside of a scripted extension their
> experience is rendered useless. Many of these issues came up in the
> debate over xslt 1.1 which was never completed as a rec, a good synopsis
> of the problems caused by scripted extensions can be found at

The cross platform aspect is very important to me but sadly of no interest
to the company whatsoever. this is a win32 program and always will be - its
even restricted to what hardware it can be run on. I personally hate that as
I am a mac osx user by choice, a linux and windows c++ programmer, windows
c# programmer and osx objective C programmer so I don't like that
That however is a battle for another day!


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