Re: [xsl] JD and Java Extension

Subject: Re: [xsl] JD and Java Extension
From: "Spencer Bruce" <spencer@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 11:41:34 +0200
> Just by reading the syntax class name/function. Try following statement:
> <xsl:value-of select="ExtensionTest:test()"
> Cheers,
> Juergen

Sorry, but that did not work either - it produces a new error:

jd.xml.xslt.parser.XsltParseException: cannot parse path expression
(baseUri='stylesheet' Attribute=select , Element=xsl:value-of (line 6)
nested exception = 'jd.xml.xpath.parser.XPathParseException: no namespace
uri defined for prefix 'ExtensionTest' in "ExtensionTest:test(.)"

Also, we would prefer it if, just like with Xalan and Saxon, you can declare
the class once and then just refer to it from its namespace.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Spencer Bruce

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